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About us

Digital Innovations is associated with Banking sector in India since 20 years. Since 2007, our company started manufacturing automation products for banks. Q Management System and Cheque Depository System are very popular products of Digital Innovations. The customers of the branches are getting benefitted by using these systems and more and more branches are opting for these system looking at the positive response from the customers.

Today banks are focusing on getting customers back into their branches. Although many alternative ways of banking are available, a large percentage of customers still require and seek a more personalized service at their preferred branch.

Being customer service oriented, banks frequently face the problem of lengthy customer queues and unpredictable waiting time, causing tension and stress among both customers and employees which result in efficiency decline. The solution is a queue management system, that enables the confident administration of queues. With the Q-Manager, customers do not stand end to end any more.

Instead of standing in long queues, customers may sit down and might learn some useful information concerning the services of the bank. Q-Manager is a Digital Queue Management System that helps banks to manage customer queues efficiently, reduce customer waiting time, allows staff to give better customer service.